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ABB power and automation world: join hands to create a digital future

We will support Chinese enterprises in accelerating transformation and upgrading and in winning the new era of the digital economy

Today, the theme of "2018 ABB power and automation world" with the theme of "join hands to create a digital future" is kicked off in xiamen.Activities through the opening BBS BBS, five games industry, 112 technical lectures, and 6800 square meters of exhibition comprehensive results show the cutting edge of ABB technology, focusing on digital power grid, smart factories, industrial digital, future sustainable transport and "all the way along the" topics, such as more than 6000 customers, experts and industry partners to explore the digital transformation.ABB to the Chinese market, launched the latest ABB Ability ™ cloud platforms and 20 digital products and solutions.

Tap the potential of digitization and promote the transformation of various industries


With the transformation of old and new drivers of China's economy, digital economy has become the core driving force for economic growth, and the scale of digital economy has accelerated.More and more Chinese enterprises are actively embracing digitalization, accelerating transformation and upgrading, and reshaping their competitive advantages.ABB AbilityTM has been introduced to the Chinese market for the first time since 2017. ABB has provided industry-leading digital solutions to dozens of enterprises in the oil, gas, petrochemical, automotive, machinery, steel, transportation and other industries. ABB supports users to achieve safe and efficient data integration and analysis, and provides users with in-depth insights to improve performance and production efficiency.



"ABB is proud to be able to work with Chinese customers to write the digital future together.Rooted in China, we have played an important role in China's infrastructure construction and have been committed to the promotion and investment of scientific and technological innovation.History BiFu ABB group chief executive said, "today, we use the leading ABB Ability ™ digital solutions and services, to help in the field of electric power, industrial, transportation and infrastructure customers fully tap the advantages of big data improve the production efficiency, strengthen innovation Ability, enhance competitiveness.ABB's leading digital solutions perfectly meet the development needs of China's 13th five-year plan and key development areas of 'made in China 2025'.Since last year's ABB Ability in China since ™, ABB China's digital business has doubled."


ABB has helped clients advance digital transformation and upgrading in a number of areas over the past year.For example, ABB has further expanded the application of digital solutions of ABB AbilityTM equipment health center in Inner Mongolia electric power, to help users realize accurate state evaluation and analysis of transformers, high-voltage circuit breakers and other equipment, so as to reduce operation and maintenance costs while ensuring reliable operation of equipment.Offered bao wu group production base in Shanghai ABB Ability ™ motor intelligent sensor and the cloud applications, the traditional motor become smart, connected machine, help customers to achieve the state of the union, a variety of equipment assets checking worry-free, efficiency and energy saving, predictive maintenance;China's first polar adventure ice-breaker "snow dragon" 2 installed ABB Abiliy intelligent engine ™ solutions, real-time digital monitoring of ship engine room equipment, the equipment health status evaluation and decision-making advice, easy to remote asset management and preventive maintenance. Help customers create more value.


Release innovative products and solutions, and continuously release digital momentum


ABB power and automation in the "world", ABB concentration released about 70 new product and ABB Ability ™ digital solutions, including:


As the world's first digital dry type transformer, ABB Ability ™ TXpert ™ digital dry type transformer can record transformer voltage, current, temperature, power factor, such as operational data, through record and analysis data, ensure reliable operation and lower maintenance costs.ABB on display at the same time, the world's first digital power transformer - ABB Ability ™ power transformer, the transformer can be implemented real-time remote monitoring and data analysis of key parameters.

ABB Ability ™ interconnected atomizer is the world's first connected, equipped with a sensor spray atomizer solutions, through the real-time intelligent diagnosis optimized spraying quality, reduce the high cost of coating error.It can increase the painting rate by 10%, reduce the consumption of color-changing paint by 75%, and reduce the consumption of compressed air by 20%.By monitoring the key components of the atomizer and halving the frequency of manual cleaning, this turnkey solution can improve the normal operation time of the painting workshop.

ABB bergalais ACOPOStrak is an intelligent and flexible linear electric drive flexible conveying system, which will greatly simplify the traditional production line design, make it possible to produce orders with the minimum batch of "1", and set new standards for the motion control of intelligent factories in the era of mass customization.Orange Box is an advanced analytics solution for inventory assets to be developed to ensure that users have access to data previously unavailable on isolated devices.

Latest ac charging pile, dc fast charging machine and 350 kw 180 kw oubiao css2 high-power charger the entire appearance, including dc charging pile by ABB access Ability ™ Internet service, normal online rate can reach 99.5%, can be more than 90% of the country's remote diagnosis problem, need to the scene to solve online more than 60% of the anomaly, greatly improve the operating efficiency of charging pile, security charge.

Rooted in the Chinese market, join hands to create a better future


At present, China's cooperation with the rest of the world in a more open manner has created unprecedented new opportunities for the development of Chinese and foreign enterprises.ABB is fully integrated into the "One Belt And One Road" construction initiated by China and has close cooperation with over 400 Chinese enterprises in more than 70 countries and regions, relying on its business layout in more than 100 countries, world-leading innovative technologies and rich overseas project management experience.In 2017 alone, ABB provided consulting, design, engineering, manufacturing and services for 280 "One Belt And One Road" related projects to help reduce project costs and engineering risks and achieve win-win cooperation in the global market.



ABB group in Asia, the Middle East and Africa President Dr Gu Chun yuan said: "we have confidence in the future of China's economic development, and continue to invest in the key to this promising market, further optimize ABB in China business layout and promote indigenous innovation ability, practice of us' in China, and a long-term commitment to China and the world 'development strategy.ABB will continue to be committed to the future, become the user preferred partner in China, using ABB Ability ™ digital solutions to support Chinese enterprises to improve energy efficiency and production efficiency, speed up the transformation and upgrading, and develop overseas market."

2018 is the year ABB continues to invest in China and optimize its business layout.For example, ABB has officially opened its robot application center in chongqing to meet the rapidly growing market demand for industrial robots in the fields of automobile, 3C product manufacturing, equipment manufacturing and consumer goods manufacturing in western China.ABB recently announced that it will invest us $150 million to build its world's largest and most advanced robot super factory in kangqiao, Shanghai, to expand capacity, improve efficiency, consolidate its leading market position and better meet surging customer demand.ABB xiamen industrial center, with an investment of about 300 million us dollars, just held the opening ceremony yesterday, so as to integrate multiple enterprises scattered in xiamen island and comprehensively improve ABB's production efficiency and core competitiveness.

While taking root in China's development, ABB actively fulfills its corporate social responsibility and pays attention to and participates in China's philanthropy, education and environmental protection.In this "ABB power and automation world" activity, ABB has donated 1 million yuan to the "abb-new Great Wall fund for university students with special needs" for the 14th consecutive year, to help the students with special needs complete their studies in electrical engineering, automation and other related majors in domestic universities.Up to now, ABB has donated about 16 million yuan, benefiting more than 4,300 college students and nearly 1,000 technical school students from 46 universities.