• MVME2432 VME Bus Processor Module
  • MVME2432 VME Bus Processor Module
  • MVME2432 VME Bus Processor Module
  • MVME2432 VME Bus Processor Module
  • MVME2432 VME Bus Processor Module
  • MVME2432 VME Bus Processor Module

MVME2432 VME Bus Processor Module

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  • MVME2432 VME Bus Processor Module
  • MVME2432 VME Bus Processor Module
  • MVME2432 VME Bus Processor Module

MVME2432 is a VME bus processor module launched by Motorola Computer Group in 1995. It is based on the PowerPC750 (PPC750) processor and designed specifically for high-performance embedded computing applications.

MVME2432 comes in three different configurations:
MVME2432-1 has a 333MHz MPC750 CPU, 32MB ECC SDRAM, and 2MB flash memory.
MVME2432-2 has a 366MHz MPC750 CPU, 64MB ECC SDRAM, and 4MB flash memory.
MVME2432-3 has a 400MHz MPC750 CPU, 128MB ECC SDRAM, and 8MB flash memory.

MVME2432 VME Bus Processor Module

Here are some key features of MVME2432:
PowerPC 750 (PPC750) processor: clock speed up to 350 MHz
64 MB ECC SDRAM: onboard memory
Flash memory: used for startup code and configuration data
Second level cache: improving performance
VMEbus interface: 32-bit or 64 bit data transmission
I/O ports: serial port, parallel port, and Ethernet port
Interrupt controller: supports multiple interrupt sources
Software: Supported by VxWorks, Linux, and other operating systems
MVME2432 is used for various applications, including:
Industrial automation: controlling robots, machines, and other equipment
Telecommunications: Switching equipment, network management systems
Medical imaging: X-ray machines, ultrasound scanners
Military and Aerospace: Radar Systems, Flight Control Systems
Scientific research: data acquisition systems, image processing systems

MVME2432 is no longer in production, but is still being used in some legacy systems. It is a reliable and powerful VMEbus processor module, perfect for demanding embedded computing applications.

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All three configurations of MVME2432 include the following features:
VMEbus interface
Two serial ports
A parallel port
Ethernet port
Watchdog timer

Real time clock
MVME2432 is a powerful and versatile VME processor module, perfect for various industrial and military applications. It is a reliable and sturdy platform that can be used in harsh environments.

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